Magical Story About Tsunami

In December 26, 2004 a magnitude 9.0 undersea earthquake triggered a tsunami (massive waves) that spread out over the Indian Ocean, hitting coastal communities in 12 countries. The Indonesian island of Sumatra was the hardest-hit location as the closest land to the epicenter of the quake. In the aftermath, the death toll in Sumatra (Aceh and roundabout) exceeded 90,000. The impact of the disaster was not only the death and the diseases but also the crushed building. There was so many building destroyed because of this disaster, except the masjid. For example, Masjid Meulaboh that located in the sea shore was not destroyed even though all of the building in the roundabout was destroyed. That was so amazing, wasn’t it?

In short, this disaster stimulated philanthropy activities. Without any command, many people, both from Indonesia and abroad lent a hand to their afflicted fellow countrymen. The people and governments in Indonesia were to some extent overwhelmed by the enormity of the catastrophe, especially in inaccessible areas. The first tasks of the governments and humanitarian aid agencies were to ensure access to food and clean water, and medical care for the injured. The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that the number of deaths from preventable diseases such as cholera, diphtheria, dysentery and typhoid could rival the death toll from the disaster itself. These diseases are largely spread by loss of normal sanitary facilities, the shared use of inadequate facilities in makeshift refuges, and the lack of clean water.

There were a lot of amazing story about tsunami. I think the most interesting story is about Martunis, an eight-year-old-child from Tibang Village, Kecamatan Syiah Kuala, Banda Aceh. The story about him was very miracle, and show us the philanthropy activities can made something that we think impossible before, became the truth. This story started when tsunami happened in Aceh. When the massive wave came, the house of Martunis’ family destroyed. Wonderfully, Martunis escaped because involved in bangka tree’s stem. Wearing a Portugal national team’s shirt, he persevered 19 days in the small beach. He only drank from rainy water and ate remainder food like dry noodles that flouting around him.

In January 15, 2005 Martunis found by Kuala’s people with frowned condition. Accidentally, the crew from English television were in that location. Martunis’ picture was rounded in the all of European television. Shortly, Martunis became a discussion in the world. The costume that he wore (Portugal shirt) made all of Portuguese player have a sympathy, and all Portuguese national team staff. Actually, the Portuguese costume no. 10 was changed Martunis’s fate. Salwa, Martunis’ mother and his two brothers was death because of tsunami. Looking that incident, Scolari, Portuguese coach said, “A kid was saved from tsunami with wearing our pride costume. That was so amazing!”

In June 1, 2005 Martunis was invited to Lisbon, Portugal. He, together with his father, Sarbini, received by Portuguese Football Federation President (LFP), Gilberto Madail. Madail gave him gift, € 40 thousand (about Rp460 million). He also watched a World Cup 2006 Qualification game between Portugal and Slovakia in Estadio da Luz. Martunis not only received some money but also a house in Aceh. That house was given by Portuguese coach, Luiz Felipe Scolari include some facilities such as 22 sofas, four long round pillows, 30 chairs, 9 sketch, 14 desks, two beds, cupboard, etc. Martunis experience was so miracle. He became an inspiration for all Portuguese player. Loosing almost all of his family was a very worst experience for Martunis. But, behind that accident, Martunis had a consolation from a nation that inherent thousands kilometers from Aceh. And then in 2006, Christiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese and Manchester United star, came to Aceh. He came not only to meet his new friend, Martunis, but also gave charity for all Aceh’s people. He was very care about the disaster. He was also very kindhearted. Although he had busy schedule, he gave an opportunity to visited Aceh.

This amazing story was only an example that many people care about tsunami disaster. There were other amazing story that can give us some inspiration to help other people. Now, abut two years after the disaster, Aceh has as good as before tsunami. The building that destroyed when tsunami have been renovated. Every people can live normally. Many houses have been built. There was no sign that Aceh was destroyed by very big disaster. These things show us that philanthropy activities can help some people who are down on their luck.


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